Computer Vision Syndrome and Your Child

A Modern-Day Pediatric Eye Problem

While computer vision syndrome is commonly associated with adults who spend long hours in front of their office monitors, it can also be a pediatric eye problem. When children spend long periods of uninterrupted time staring at game systems, smartphones or computer displays, their eyes “forget” to blink at a normal rate. This allows the eyes to dry out, creating redness, blurred vision, and irritation. The constant near focus required for these activities can also produce eye strain and headaches. This package of unhealthy issues is collectively known as CVS.

Even the quality of light involved can pose danger. Modern computer monitors and mobile device screens typically emit high-energy visible (HEV) light. This blue light affects melatonin levels which help govern your child’s sleepiness or alertness levels; it may also have long-term negative effects on ocular health while aggravating short-term irritation.

Recommendations From Your Optometrist in Lawrence

Your optometrist in Lawrence can help you protect your children’s eyes from CVS. Preventative recommendations from your eye doctor may include:

  • Limiting computer and mobile device usage
  • Requiring frequent “blink breaks” from computer session
  • Moving the monitor about 2 feet away from your child’s eyes
  • Having your child fitted with blue-blocking eyeglasses (with or without a corrective prescription)
  • Move reflective light sources away from device screens to reduce glare

Get the Facts on CVS From Your Lawrence Optometrist

Trust your source for pediatric eye care in Lawrence, Crandon & Crandon Optometry, to help your family steer clear of computer vision syndrome. Learn more about how to fight pediatric CVS by calling your Lawrence optometrist at (785) 843-3844. Either eye doctor on our team can help you help your kids!

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