Different Types of Contact Lenses

At Crandon & Crandon Optometry, we’re proud to serve as a source for a wide array of contact lenses for every member of the family, including pediatric patients. This is especially important you when you consider that the eyes can constantly change — which means your contact lens needs may be changing too. If your current contacts are no longer correcting your vision adequately and comfortably, it’s time to take another look at other options available from your downtown Lawrence eye doctor at our eye care clinic.

When might your optometrist need to fit you with new or different contacts? You might be dealing with a problem such as:

  • Presbyopia – Middle-aged eyes lose flexibility in their lenses, affecting their ability to focus on near objects. This condition, known as presbyopia, may be addressed with multifocal lenses that provide multiple distance corrections. You could also try monovision lenses that offer a distance-vision correction for one eye and a near-vision correction for the other eye.
  • Dry eye – If you have dry eye, ordinary contact lenses can make them that much drier. Our Mass St. eye care clinic can fit you with specialized contacts designed to retain moisture for greater all-day comfort.
  • Chronic eye inflammation – If your eyes always seem red and inflamed, you may be struggling with giant papillary conjunctivitis, or GPC, a sensitivity to proteins and other particles that stick to soft contacts. Your Mass St. optometrist may recommend rigid gas permeable contacts, which are less likely to accumulate such debris.
  • Vision problems – If your vision correction needs become severe enough, you may need more help than standard soft contacts can provide. Astigmatism may require toric contacts that are specially designed to correct for corneal irregularities, while the corneal deformations of keratoconus may require scleral contacts.

Contacts for Lawrence, Eudora and Baldwin City Kids, and Adults

Even children can sometimes benefit from specialized contacts. Call (785) 843-3844 to schedule a contact lens re-evaluation for members of your Lawrence, Eudora or Baldwin City family!

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