Eye Care Tips For Your Child

It’s always reassuring to know that your child is receiving high-quality eye care through our in-office pediatric eye care in Lawrence — but what about the rest of the time, at school or around the house? Here are some helpful eye care tips from your family optometrists at Crandon & Crandon Optometry.

  • Insist on eye-healthy hygiene – Make sure you children know to wash their hands after they’ve been outside or after playing with other kids. Germ-filled hands can transfer infections to little eyes.
  • Provide a balanced diet – Brightly-colored fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants that enhance ocular health. Red and yellow items are also rich in eye-healthy carotene, so encourage that second helping of carrots!
  • Establish healthy electronics usage – Computer screens, TVs, and other display-equipped gadgets can cause eye strain after hours of uninterrupted use, so establish some rules about how much time your kids spend in front of these devices. Don’t let your kids sit close to the TV screen, and keep the room well lit during viewing sessions.
  • Look into UV protection – UV rays are just as bad for children’s eyes as they are for everyone else’s. Ask your Lawrence optometrist for sunglasses and/or indoor eyeglasses that provide 100 percent UV protection for your little ones.
  • Schedule a back-to-school eye and vision exam – Last but certainly not least, schedule a back-to-school pediatric eye and vision exam with your Lawrence optometrist. Your eye doctor needs to make certain that your child’s ocular health is good and that any refractive errors such as farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism receive the necessary correction before it’s time to hit the books.

Get More Help From Your Family Optometrist in Lawrence

Want more tips about pediatric eye care in Lawrence? Call (785) 843-3844 and ask your family optometrist in Lawrence for advice on everything from home car to eye exams! We look forward to meeting with you!

What was the best pediatric eye care tip you ever got from your eye doctor? Share it with us!

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