Your child’s vision is incredibly important. It affects his or her ability to function in the world, to learn, to enjoy life. That is why regular eye care is such a necessity for kids. You want to be certain that your child has every opportunity to see clearly and enjoy healthy vision for a lifetime. At Crandon and Crandon, we offer pediatric eye care in Lawrence and serve the surrounding communities of Baldwin, and Eudora. We provide eye care designed to meet all the vision needs of you and your family. Please contact us to learn more.

The Importance of Pediatric Eye Care – From Your Kids Optometrist in Lawrence

Proper development in children depends on good eyesight, and good eyesight depends on eye exams from a qualified optometrist. Our vision care team is trained to work with children, and we are passionate about quality eye care. We will examine your child’s eye thoroughly, and work with you to ensure that he or she sees as well as possible, year after year. Our services include:

Vision Care

We will determine whether your child needs vision correction. Some children require vision correction quite early, which is part of the reason we recommend eye exams early on in your child’s development. Kids may not know that they are not seeing clearly and go for an extended period of time in need of vision correction – which can lead to struggles in school, play, and general development.

Our team can advise you on vision correction options appropriate to your child’s age, including both glasses and contacts. There are a lot of options for vision correction available. We can guide you through them to find the one that works the best for your child.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Although clear and accurate vision is hugely beneficial for children, there are other reasons to come in for an eye exam. We not only examine your child’s eyesight, we also examine his or her eye health. Eye diseases are not common in children, but they do happen. The key to protecting your child’s eye health is spotting the signs of eye disease early on when treatment is often more effective.

During Our eye exams, we look for a variety of eye diseases to ensure that your child is given the most thorough protection available.

Pediatric Eye Care Schedule

  1. First exam at 6 months
  2. Second exam at 3 years
  3. Eye exams every year afterward

The schedule of eye exams for your child may be different, depending on whether or not he or she is considered “at risk” of developing problems with vision. After your first eye exam, we can explain whether your child needs a different schedule.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Family Optometrist in Lawrence

We are your resource for pediatric vision care. If it is time for your child to get an eye exam, we invite you to contact our office and schedule an appointment. As your family optometrist in Lawrence, and the surrounding areas of Baldwin, and Eudora, we look forward to meeting your family!