As you age, your vision may become cloudy in one or both of your eyes. This cloudiness may be due to cataracts, which occur in the lens of your eye. You may not notice symptoms at first, but advanced cataracts can make it difficult to drive, read and perform other tasks that require you to see clearly. At Crandon and Crandon Optometry, we offer diagnostic services, as well as treatment options if you have cataracts.

Causes of Cataracts

Changes in your lens tissue are a normal part of the aging process but can cause cloudiness to form in some cases. This cloudiness develops when lens tissue changes and become denser taking on roles. Cataracts might only affect one eye, but they usually form in both eyes. Your risk of having them is higher as you get older. Other risk factors include having diabetes, smoking, being overweight, having high blood pressure or having previous eye trauma or injuries.

Symptoms of Cataracts

Cataract symptoms might not be obvious at first. If cloudiness only affects smaller areas of your lens, you are unlikely to notice any vision problems. When cataracts progress, though, you might notice blurry or dim vision. You might also become more sensitive to glare or lights in general, and have more trouble seeing at night. Other symptoms include requiring more light in order to read, seeing a halo effect around lights and needing adjustments to your eyeglass prescriptions more often. Colors might also start to look faded or yellowed as cataracts progress.

Treatment for Cataracts from Our Lawrence Optometrist

You may not require any treatment for cataracts if they are not severe. Making certain adjustments can help you when this cloudiness is mild. These include updating your eyeglass prescriptions, using brighter lights or more lighting in your home. If the cataracts are interfering with your lifestyle, our Lawrence optometrist might recommend surgery to remove them. This procedure is generally considered safe for most patients and can improve your quality of life.

Contact Our Eye Doctor in Lawrence KS

If you have been experiencing symptoms of cataracts, please contact Crandon and Crandon Optometry to set up an appointment. Our eye doctor in Lawrence KS can provide an eye exam, checking for signs of cataracts and providing you with advice for treatment options.