Technologies Impact on Your Eyesight

These days, children and adults alike throughout Lawrence, Baldwin City, and Eudora areas are immersed in technology. But along with all the benefits of the modern world come some significant threats to your ocular well-being. Here are some modern-day occupational hazards to watch out for, courtesy of your Downtown Lawrence eye doctor at Crandon & Crandon Optometry.

  • Text neck – That pain in your neck may be directly related to how you use, or misuse, your eyes. If you’re in the habit of focusing your gaze on your mobile device all the time, you’re no doubt also dropping your head downward. This causes the extremely common form of chronic neck strain known as text neck. To make matters worse, the muscle strain can refer pain signals to the head, causing not only headaches but also eye strain.
  • Computer vision syndrome – Computer vision syndrome (CVS) stems from too much time in front of a screen. When people stare at computer monitors for long periods of time, their eyes “forget” to blink at their usual rate, causing dryness, irritation, and blurred vision. The glare from an LED monitor also includes lots of HEV (high energy visible) light. This band of energy can contribute to eye fatigue — and it may even be a factor in macular degeneration.
  • Staring – Staring closely at your computer or smartphone screen may be an unconscious action, especially if you’re trying to make out tiny fonts or battling excessive screen glare. In children and young adults, this may aggravate myopia (nearsightedness). In older adults, starting may be prompted by the onset of presbyopia.

Pediatric and Adult Vision Solutions at Our Mass St. Family Eye Care Center

Either optometrist at our Mass St. family eye care center can help technology-challenged eyes in Lawrence, Eudora and Baldwin City. Pediatric solutions include teaching your kids to take regular breaks to re-focus their eyes and providing tips for computer-using kids with myopia. Adults may benefit from HEV-filtering computer glasses optimized for a specific screen distance. We’re also happy to provide dry eye treatment and ergonomic suggestions to help prevent text neck. Call (785) 843-3844 today!

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