The Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams

Your Lawrence, Baldwin City or Eudora kids may not be bumping into walls, but that doesn’t mean they’re seeing as accurately as they should be. An undiagnosed pediatric vision problem can go unnoticed by you, or even by your child, until after it has already begun interfering with schoolwork, learning, physical activities, and safety. Here are some early warning signs to look for in your child, that can be an undiagnosed vision problem.

  • Squinting – If your child is squinting to read, watch TV or view distant objects, he may have an undiagnosed vision problem.
  • Eye discomfort – If your child is doing a lot of eye rubbing and/or seems extremely sensitive to light, he may be suffering from eye strain from the struggle to focus images.
  • The trouble with reading or writing – Reading and writing issues, or a tendency to avoid these activities, may have nothing to do with dyslexia or intelligence — and everything to do with an eye function or visual acuity problem.
  • Head tilting – If your child frequently tilts their head to one side, an eye misalignment or droopy eyelid (ptosis) may be compelling him to compensate by favoring his “good” eye. This can lead to amblyopia, a leading cause of pediatric vision loss.

Our Downtown Lawrence Eye Doctor Can Provide the Perfect Glasses and Frames

If you notice any of these trouble signs, contact Crandon & Crandon Optometry on Mass St. Your eye doctor located in downtown Lawrence can perform the necessary tests and evaluations to diagnose a refractive error or functional deficiency. If your child needs glasses, we offer a wide range of kid-sized glasses in stylish designer frames. We can also prescribe vision therapy and other modalities to help your little family member see the world more clearly and learn more efficiently. Call (785) 843-3844 for an appointment with either family optometrist on our team!

Do any of your kids dislike reading? What reason do they give?

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