Your Lawrence Eye Doctor Explains Pediatric Vision Therapy

If you are told that child could benefit from pediatric vision therapy, you may be understandably confused or concerned over a form of pediatric eye care in Lawrence you don’t know much about. Rest assured, however, that your Lawrence eye doctor at Crandon & Crandon Optometry can help you understand how this type of therapy can help your child enjoy the optimal visual performance. Let us take a brief look at what pediatric therapy is all about.

Vision therapy is the use of therapeutic techniques to correct functional problems stemming from miscommunication between the eyes and the vision center of the brain. It is commonly recommended during childhood because these years are extremely important ones for the development of an individual’s vision. Pediatric vision therapy addresses common childhood eye function errors before they can become too deeply ingrained, while also helping your child stay on track in terms of physical coordination and academic performance.

Visual Performance Services From Your Lawrence Eye Doctor

What kinds of visual performances services can you expect when you sign your child up for vision therapy from your Lawrence eye doctor? Each child has individual needs, which is why we prescribe a personalized program of exercises and other helpful techniques to improve eye function.

Eye exercises can play an important role in pediatric vision therapy. These exercises range from “pencil push-ups” (which help improve focus, convergence, and accommodation) to balance board work and hand-eye coordination routines. If your child has amblyopia, with one eye’s data overriding the other, your optometrist in Lawrence may patch the dominant eye to encourage the brain to make better use of the other eye. Strabismus (incorrect eye alignment) may respond to corrective lens devices such as prismatic filters.

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Whatever your child needs to see the world as accurately as possible, we want to help through our pediatric eye care in Lawrence. Call (785) 843-3844 to schedule an eye exam or discuss pediatric vision therapy with your eye doctor in Lawrence!

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